New Job!

I’m finally moving closer to my goal. I was a cashier working for minimum wage but now! I’m a gatekeeper at a conservation area working for slightly above minimum wage!

SO basically I moved in an almost horizontal line as gatekeepers and cashiers have very similar jobs… but it’s with a conservation area so I guess I’m stepping in the right direction. Yay?


Quirky Humans: Polite Drunken Man

So I was working a later shift and this man walked in and asked me if I could help him find grape juice. I asked him what kind and he said frozen, the cheapest. So I walked him over to the freezer section.

On the way, he confessed he was drunk and would never be able to find anything in this store. He also kept thanking me over and over when I pointed out the item or sales. He had trouble reading the list his buddy had apparently written him before sending him out into the cold night with very little common sense.

We spent maybe ten minutes looking, he pointed to the last item and asked, “Do you know what this is?”


He was so drunk he couldn’t read decent writing. So we get up to the till, and he hands me five dollars before I even start scanning any items. He says here.

Five dollars is not enough for the groceries. So I asked him what this was for.

He said it was a tip and society be damned if they say you don’t tip your cashiers. I left it where it was but said thank you. I got his groceries bagged up and he handed over some cash. I went to hand him his change and he was already waving telling me to add it to the tip pool.

Apparently I’d made some sort of impression on him as he asked for my name and shook my hand. Sadly I’m horrible with names.

I think it was Denis? Danny? David? Something like that. Hopefully he doesn’t remember me. Considering he was probably a regular.

Quirky Humans: Nickel Girl

Nickel Girl. My heart melted after she left. She was such a sweet little girl shopping with her mum. Her mum had just bought the purchase when this tiny girl with braids came up to the counter.

“I know I’m not here to buy anything.” Her voice was so quiet I almost had to lean over the counter to here her. “But I thought you were working hard so here’s a tip.”

And she slid a nickel across the counter. She was so shy, barely looking me in the eye and I almost died she was so cute. I thanked her for the coin and told her I loved her hair. She smiled before she waved and left.

All I could think about was how that girl was raised so right.And damn if my future kids aren’t as polite. I might scream.

Personal Rambles

I got a part-time job as a cashier to tide over my funds until I get a job in my actual field which is proving to be more difficult than I ever thought.

So when I first saw cashier wanted I thought ‘oh that’ll be easy. Just scan things and press a few buttons. Simple.’ WRONG! I was so wrong. I work in a store that functions as groceries, LCBO, sells cigarettes ,and works as a lottery retailer. So there is a lot more going on than maybe a typical grocery store. But still, I have so much respect for anybody that lasts more than a month at this gig. Especially if they are doing school on top of a part-time job. Or part-time job on top of school I guess.

Cashiers not only have to put up with grumpy people, sarcastic people, and rather strange backhand compliments but they have to memorize produce codes. They have to keep talking, they have to know what different types of produce are. Which is a lot harder than I initially expected. So please people, if you’re getting a bag of produce try to make sure at least one of the items has a produce sticker on it.

Also cigarettes for a non-smoker are the most difficult things to understand. You can rattle off the full title, but unless you say ‘the red one’ I’m not going to know what you’re talking about.

The other day one man told me to get my eyes checked because as I was getting his cigarettes – my back was turned to him – he placed the money down on the belt. Not near where he was standing, not on the little stand next the the debit machine. No he placed it on the potentially moving belt. And expected me to notice it as soon as I turned around. No, my peripheral vision is fine thank you but it does typically cut out things that I initially find unnecessary to the picture.  Such as items on the belt.

I know there is an item there but I assume its the next customers gum packet.

Needless to say I have a lot of respect for cashiers now, and I will continually try to make there job easier.I will bag my own bags if I have time, or get a friend to do it. I will make sure to announce what card I’m going to use so they don’t have to guess what credit card I might use. I will be polite at all times, I will tell them its okay to breathe if they need it.

Because honestly this is probably one of the hardest jobs I’ve ever had, so you can take five seconds to bag your own bag while I scan. Thank you very much.