Quirky Humans: Nickel Girl

Nickel Girl. My heart melted after she left. She was such a sweet little girl shopping with her mum. Her mum had just bought the purchase when this tiny girl with braids came up to the counter.

“I know I’m not here to buy anything.” Her voice was so quiet I almost had to lean over the counter to here her. “But I thought you were working hard so here’s a tip.”

And she slid a nickel across the counter. She was so shy, barely looking me in the eye and I almost died she was so cute. I thanked her for the coin and told her I loved her hair. She smiled before she waved and left.

All I could think about was how that girl was raised so right.And damn if my future kids aren’t as polite. I might scream.


Quirky Humans: Security Guard

This man is not my coworker but for a very long time I saw him practically everyday. He became so used to seeing me that he honestly asked me if I ever went home. This eventually escalated to ‘Blink twice if you’re being held hostage.’

He’s a very nice man that recently went through a divorce and is currently dating some woman who he doesn’t really mention a lot. We mostly talk about work. He gets called out to different places sometimes. He is by no means the police but he does something similar. He was recently promoted to supervisor. Around the same time I was I think. Either way we both apologized for the others promotion. Being in charge of idiots is a difficult thing. Luckily, I do not work with many idiots. Unfortunately, he does.

I get to here a few stories during the really slow times, apparently some woman thought someone was shooting around her house and he got her to safety before calling the cops.

The cops who had been there multiple times a week.

Turns out the furnace makes a lot of noise. That sounds like a gun.

Go figure.

He’s a very nice guy, a little paranoid. He’s got a call recorder cause he doesn’t trust people. He let me listen to one call where a girl prank called him and pretended that they’d broken up but wanted to get back together. Honestly her acting was flawless but you could tell that she was not confused when he told her she had the wrong number.

Overall one of the better customers. 10//10 would interact with again.

Recommended Reads: Queen of the Tearling (Trilogy)

So I just finished reading The Fate of the Tearling and I have to say I was not disappointed but neither was I super into the ending. I did cry. But that’s beside the point. This was a fantastic trilogy, well-written and the characters were so realistic in the way they bantered it was almost like the author recorded actual events in a mystical land.

I originally thought it was a fantasy book, and though it has a lot of fantasy elements I have to say it’s probably more sci-fi then fantasy near the end. It’s this beautiful happy medium between the two.

I’m not very good at describing things I’ve read, as my 7th grade teacher has said more than once. But I really did enjoy these books, I loved Kelsea the main protagonist.  She was not over done, she was not perfect, and she was not always a good person. She had doubts and people doubted her too. Even those closest to her sometimes thought she needed a firm grounding when she was being exceptionally haughty. She was a girl who wanted the best for her people and ended up making a couple of big mistakes after she became Queen.

At one point, she even compares herself to the enemy queen and the similarities are very eye-opening.

This book wove magic, history, and created a whole new world that didn’t seem far from our own. It was lifelike in its design, characteristics and politics.

I can only aspire to write something so amazing. I hope Erika Johansen writes something again soon as I’m in a serious book hangover.

Quirky Humans: What is this? Manager

“What is this?”

“My sweater.”

“What is this?”

“The owner’s change for her coffee.”

“What is this?”

“Notes for the schedule you need to fix.”

“What is this?”

“A request for a day off.” On the paper with ‘Request for Days Off’ on it.

I have a manager, she’s in charge of a lot of things. She should not necessarily be in charge of a lot of things. I think I’d trust her with three maybe four things. Answering the phone and balancing the store are two of them. Being a decent human being makes this five actually. She’s a very nice woman. To like three of her workers. Out of maybe 16.

Things I would not trust her with:

Making a schedule,

Fixing  a schedule,

Remembering why she came downstairs (Hint: It had something to do with the schedule),

Remembering where she left her second coffee (She lost the first one),

Dealing with unruly customers,

Diffusing arguments,

Hiring people.

I swear she can be an awesome woman, she can do paperwork and office stuff easily but then they had to go and give her a bunch of other things and I think it just destroyed her brain a bit. No one should be expected to remember everything this woman has to remember.

“What is this?”

“Your umbrella from last week.”

“What is this?”

“A box?”

“What is it doing here?”

“I was refilling bags.”

“It shouldn’t be here.” Proceeds to put away the box I still need.

“What is this?”

“Someone forgot their mitts.”

“What is this?”

“I don’t know.”

“Where’d it come from?”

“I don’t know?”

“What should I do with it?”



Quirky Humans: Superiority Complex

There’s this one coworker who above all else has a superiority complex. She runs around shouting about how she’s supervisor that night and that she doesn’t like anyone doing anything without her knowing. So no one can get change or hand over stickers for discount to other departments without her knowing. It’s rather irritating when the rest of us are busy yet she demands that we talk to her first. It takes five minutes to ask and have you do it. Compared to the 10 seconds it takes us alone.

Either way, she also likes to supervise when she should be working. She’s had to be told multiple times that she is a working supervisor meaning she has to be on cash with us not wandering into other departments.

She almost yelled at a grocery boy the other day cause dairy – which is not his department – was running low on milk. I had to step in. The 22 year old has better communication skills than a 60 year old. Astounding. It’s like she’s trying to rile everyone up.

She wears to much jewellery, she wears perfume despite being in a no scent environment. And she is the slowest cashier I’ve ever seen. She said she worked at Tims before, I think she lied cause you need to be fast in that place. You don’t have half an hour where you can gab about management when I need to do your work in the office so hand over the change box and get me a pick up so I can get upstairs before we have to close.

I have a lot to say about this woman… only a rare good comment. She’s good at talking so customers don’t mind her much. She’s got a good back-bone and she’s almost got a grandmotherly vibe. Like a farmers wife no nonsense I’m going to kick your ass kind of grandmas vibe.

Update 24/02/17: She was fired on the 13th. Not to be mean but a lot of people celebrated. Including every single other department. Departments do not mix much, I don’t know the names of like anyone. But apparently she managed to piss every single one of them off. So I guess that’s pretty impressive.


I’ve mentioned novels I want to write before, but I never gave them a fair description. So I wanted to post about the main one I’m working on right now.

It’s name fluctuates. But my friends call it ‘Dragos’, originally it was called Stokers Monster. And now I’m still in the air about what the final title will be. Hopefully something witty. But I won’t know until I finish the damn thing.

‘Dragos’ – as we’ll call it here – is a novel set in modern Romania. Specifically southern Romania. A woman named Nicoletta works in a renaissance castle dating back to 1450 or so. She, along with a large staff, keep the castle clean and open to tourists. They hold banquets and over night guests to show them castle life from the 14 – 1500’s. Everything is part of the theme.

Nicoletta works as the castle guard. Her friends Miheala and Alina are princesses to entertain young princes and princesses. Soren is vice captain of the guard. And of course their are behind the scenes workers, like Iyana and Rayna.

Upon reopening the castle for tourists they come across a secret room. In it is a chest, about 6 feet by 2 and a half by 2. They call the owner, they call the police and eventually it’s deemed not to be a coffin. Shocker.

Except, weird things start happening around the castle. Things move, shadows lengthen, whispers are heard down empty corridors. Nicoletta believes in curses and ghosts. Rayna and Soren do not. But that doesn’t stop Nicoletta from feeling watched.

Soon she comes face to face with the very thing that’s been lurking in the shadows and it calls out to her. Or her facade.

Nicoletta is known to the castle as a man called Dragos, Captain of the Guard. So it wasn’t unusual for a guest, as eccentric as he was to call her such. It was however unusual that he confesses to impaling a good 20, 000 people.

Next thing she knows the castle is being attacked by half dead creatures of the night and the unusual guest is demanding blood in exchange for banishing them. With a sword at her hip she refuses him but as the monsters outnumber them she starts thinking she has no choice. Locked in a grueling fight, she has no choice but to agree.

In doing so, she seals the castles fate. The reawakening of Vlad III Draculae.


So I’m really hoping this doesn’t sound as lame as it does when I tell people about it. There’s some historical references, some romantic tension, some vampire related tension, comedy, and hopefully a lot of awesome characters that I’ll be fleshing out over time and with some help. The first chapter is out on wattpad for people to critique. It would  mean everything to me if you could go take a look. Thanks again.

Dragos Chapter 1



Quirky Humans: Wonder Woman

The responsible young adult. Literally the eldest sibling stereotype from movies. She is composed, reasonable, a defender of the small children but omg do not piss her off she could probably destroy you. She’s this tiny wisp of a person but she could intimidate a grown man. She’s only 25 and has more economic confidence than someone in a well-paid suit and cubicle job. She could run the whole store single handedly and do it better than the people running it right now. She is wonder woman and somehow we’ve become the dream team. She’s like my favourite coworker to close with. She loves her pot bellied pig and is our fastest cashier. She could clear ten people in less than 5 minutes I swear.