I’ve mentioned novels I want to write before, but I never gave them a fair description. So I wanted to post about the main one I’m working on right now.

It’s name fluctuates. But my friends call it ‘Dragos’, originally it was called Stokers Monster. And now I’m still in the air about what the final title will be. Hopefully something witty. But I won’t know until I finish the damn thing.

‘Dragos’ – as we’ll call it here – is a novel set in modern Romania. Specifically southern Romania. A woman named Nicoletta works in a renaissance castle dating back to 1450 or so. She, along with a large staff, keep the castle clean and open to tourists. They hold banquets and over night guests to show them castle life from the 14 – 1500’s. Everything is part of the theme.

Nicoletta works as the castle guard. Her friends Miheala and Alina are princesses to entertain young princes and princesses. Soren is vice captain of the guard. And of course their are behind the scenes workers, like Iyana and Rayna.

Upon reopening the castle for tourists they come across a secret room. In it is a chest, about 6 feet by 2 and a half by 2. They call the owner, they call the police and eventually it’s deemed not to be a coffin. Shocker.

Except, weird things start happening around the castle. Things move, shadows lengthen, whispers are heard down empty corridors. Nicoletta believes in curses and ghosts. Rayna and Soren do not. But that doesn’t stop Nicoletta from feeling watched.

Soon she comes face to face with the very thing that’s been lurking in the shadows and it calls out to her. Or her facade.

Nicoletta is known to the castle as a man called Dragos, Captain of the Guard. So it wasn’t unusual for a guest, as eccentric as he was to call her such. It was however unusual that he confesses to impaling a good 20, 000 people.

Next thing she knows the castle is being attacked by half dead creatures of the night and the unusual guest is demanding blood in exchange for banishing them. With a sword at her hip she refuses him but as the monsters outnumber them she starts thinking she has no choice. Locked in a grueling fight, she has no choice but to agree.

In doing so, she seals the castles fate. The reawakening of Vlad III Draculae.


So I’m really hoping this doesn’t sound as lame as it does when I tell people about it. There’s some historical references, some romantic tension, some vampire related tension, comedy, and hopefully a lot of awesome characters that I’ll be fleshing out over time and with some help. The first chapter is out on wattpad for people to critique. It would  mean everything to me if you could go take a look. Thanks again.

Dragos Chapter 1




Not a Great Writer

I’m not a great writer like J.K Rowling, or J.R.R Tolkien. And my name definitely doesn’t start with a ‘J’, so I guess I’ll never be a best-seller.

Then again “Every great wizard in history started out as nothing more than we are now, students. If they can do it, why not us?”

So maybe, I have some semblance of hope. I’ve written 118 pages of one novel, and less than 50 on at least two others. But I’ve never finished a novel. Unless fanfiction counts in which case I’ve finished one. I need feedback to operate. I need to know that what I’m writing is worth something to someone somewhere. But when your writing to publish you can’t exactly share it everywhere to get input.

So for the time being, I don’t want to be published.

I want readers.

I’m going to start posting on wattpad. And hope that someone somewhere reads it and leaves good, constructive feedback. I may be an amateur but I will become better. I’ll hone my skills with peers and teachers.

I’m not a great writer. But I will be one day.