Be Nice (Even if you’re having a sh*t day)

I’ve learned a lot about customer service in the past few months, and even more about myself I guess. I do not have a tough skin, only a few of my coworkers do in fact. Customer service in a fast-paced environment sucks because sometimes you have to be gentle and sympathetic, sometimes you have to be more business only, and sometimes you need to turn off all emotions and hope this one customers words won’t leave a lasting impression under your skin.

Customer service is very much an ebb and flow game, where you’re swamped one second and free the next. One second you could haveĀ  a genuine smile on your face and the next you’re wondering if your eyebrow twitch is noticeable to customers.

Also to anyone who is cruel or difficult purposefully to customer services; you are the people we talk about on break and yes we giggle about it to make ourselves feel just a bit more united against a common foe.

Now that I’ve said that. I have to admit I’ve had a lot of pleasant experiences as well. I have my favorite regulars even who brighten my day no matter what kind of day I’m having.There are also the ones with some quirks who you just kind of nod your head at and wonder how they think. I typically like the people I encounter and only a few times have I ever met someone with a real hatred toward the world.

I’ve learned a lot from them. Both sides. I’ve learnt that the world isn’t super nice, but it’s also not a living hell like some make it out to be. I’ve learnt that different people treat cashiers with care or like we’re robots. One thing I’ve definitely learned is that I, personally, am not cut out for being a cashier. I’m a very laid back and introverted person by nature and the fast-paced, constant communication is a bit draining. I’m not about to abandon my coworkers with the Christmas rush coming, but I will be leaving this side of things to pursue other interests.

This has been an incredibly eye opening experience and I wish that everyone really did have to do a mandatory three months at this job. It may make people a little more sympathetic to the people behind the machines when things are moving a bit to slowly for the likes of some.



Recent Graduate Problems

As a recent grad, I’ve come to the hard realization that jobs are difficult to get. That applying means patience, and a mental fortitude that could rival any politician. You have to keep up the appearance that everything is alright, and that you are the crowning achievement of your studies; when often you feel the opposite and are unsure of the future.

I’ve been at this for a mere three months, and I’m feeling drained already.

Volunteering is really the best option for any grad. It gets you out, it gives you something to do, looks good on a resume, and helps make connections. Volunteering is probably saving my sanity at this moment. It at least feels like I’m doing something, and not stuck in some rut.

Another thing that really helps is to take free online courses, you probably won’t get certification unless you pay but the courses let you keep your mind fresh and keep what you learned in your head. I’ve found that MOOC, or Massive Open Online Courses is a pretty good place. Khan academy doesn’t necessarily have courses but the videos are executed nicely.

The last thing that has helped me out a lot would be hobbies. I’ve found that reading and writing are my two favorite activities so far. Reading offers some sort of escape that people seem to accept better than my amazing video games that I love and also play on a late Saturday night ( My life has never been so exciting). While writing make me feel productive when the volunteer scene is exceptionally slow.

That’s pretty much all the advice I can think of when it comes to keeping yourself sane while you work and rework your resumes and cover letters.

*Anime and binge watching Netflix helps as well (Try to keep it to a minimum mind you)