Quirky Humans: The Lady from Brazil

She was raised in the Amazon rainforest on a house boat. She swam in the amazon almost daily as a child, and one day she wanted to go fishing. She had a good rope, and a hook. She attached it to the rope and flung it into the water. Snap. The hook was gone.

She got another hook, slightly larger this time and attached it to the rope. She tried again to throw it into the water. Snap. She was starting to get frustrated now.

She grabbed the biggest hook she could find on the ship, attached it to the rope, and heaved it far into the water. Snap.

She couldn’t believe it. She looked into the water, and saw some bubbles. These bubbles eventually revealed the snout of the biggest crocodile she’d ever seen. It had to have been the length of their house boat. (She confided that the house boat wasn’t very big to begin with, nor was it well made). Still she had a lovely time living in the amazon and now gets cold rather easily.

It was 28 degrees out and she easily had two long layers on. The last time I saw her,  she was off to take photos of an Osprey or some Mallard ducks. She gave me a hug before she left and said I had the prettiest eyes while she was stuck with boring blue. Here I was thinking I would rather have blue eyes than boring brown. Go figure.


Recommended Reads: Queen of the Tearling (Trilogy)

So I just finished reading The Fate of the Tearling and I have to say I was not disappointed but neither was I super into the ending. I did cry. But that’s beside the point. This was a fantastic trilogy, well-written and the characters were so realistic in the way they bantered it was almost like the author recorded actual events in a mystical land.

I originally thought it was a fantasy book, and though it has a lot of fantasy elements I have to say it’s probably more sci-fi then fantasy near the end. It’s this beautiful happy medium between the two.

I’m not very good at describing things I’ve read, as my 7th grade teacher has said more than once. But I really did enjoy these books, I loved Kelsea the main protagonist.  She was not over done, she was not perfect, and she was not always a good person. She had doubts and people doubted her too. Even those closest to her sometimes thought she needed a firm grounding when she was being exceptionally haughty. She was a girl who wanted the best for her people and ended up making a couple of big mistakes after she became Queen.

At one point, she even compares herself to the enemy queen and the similarities are very eye-opening.

This book wove magic, history, and created a whole new world that didn’t seem far from our own. It was lifelike in its design, characteristics and politics.

I can only aspire to write something so amazing. I hope Erika Johansen writes something again soon as I’m in a serious book hangover.