Quirky Humans: Monkey Child and Pa

I admit I don’t have the greatest opinion of the monkey childs’ dad. But I’ve found that I’m on of his favourites so he’s okay to me. Still a little uncomfortable being around him though. He’s kinda sleazy. Makes a lot of harassing comments, and generally complains about anything and everything.

But his kid. His kid is the cutest little thing I’ve ever seen. I watched this kid go from being about 6 months old and still in one of those portable baby holders to a walking, talking toddler who wants nothing more than to eat a banana and say hi to everybody he sees. This kid has been eating bananas since my first day, and he had the worst habit of just dropping the leftovers out of the buggy onto the clean floor where someone would then track icky sticky spots all over the store. But he was still the cutest little monkey I have ever seen.


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