Quirky Humans: Kid Wonder

Alright so he’s not really a kid, he’s 15 but like he picks everything up at work with the snap of your fingers. He knows how to close just from watching others. He knows what to do during slow times. He’s quick during fast times, and he’s probably the only one who knows how to actually bag groceries. Which is always nice when he’s helping you.

He floats through school and still gets good grades, a little rebellious as he skips almost all his classes. He’s bilingual, goes to french-immersion and is generally a good kid. But if we were in high school together he would have been the kid I avoided because he’s kind of an ass sometimes and plays too many sports.



Quirky Humans: Monkey Child and Pa

I admit I don’t have the greatest opinion of the monkey childs’ dad. But I’ve found that I’m on of his favourites so he’s okay to me. Still a little uncomfortable being around him though. He’s kinda sleazy. Makes a lot of harassing comments, and generally complains about anything and everything.

But his kid. His kid is the cutest little thing I’ve ever seen. I watched this kid go from being about 6 months old and still in one of those portable baby holders to a walking, talking toddler who wants nothing more than to eat a banana and say hi to everybody he sees. This kid has been eating bananas since my first day, and he had the worst habit of just dropping the leftovers out of the buggy onto the clean floor where someone would then track icky sticky spots all over the store. But he was still the cutest little monkey I have ever seen.

New Job!

I’m finally moving closer to my goal. I was a cashier working for minimum wage but now! I’m a gatekeeper at a conservation area working for slightly above minimum wage!

SO basically I moved in an almost horizontal line as gatekeepers and cashiers have very similar jobs… but it’s with a conservation area so I guess I’m stepping in the right direction. Yay?

Quirky Humans: Ponytail Lady

She comes in almost daily, likes Molson dry and always carries a small green bag that she somehow manages to fit all her groceries in no matter what. She’s told me she’s lost 300 pounds, and has a new target of at least 50 more to be under 200. Very sweet lady.

She wears at least 8 colourful hair elastics on one ponytail. I’m pretty sure they have a specific order as well but I’ve never been the super observant type.

Around October she lost her father after he was taken to intensive care in the hospital. She confided in the cashiers on night shift. There were about three of us girls hanging around and we each gave her hugs and told her she’d be alright, she’d get through this. She still smiles and she still tells jokes now, so I guess she’s moving on. Her husband’s a real piece of work but I can tell he supports her in everything she does. No matter how weird and quirky she was.