Quirky Humans: Security Guard

This man is not my coworker but for a very long time I saw him practically everyday. He became so used to seeing me that he honestly asked me if I ever went home. This eventually escalated to ‘Blink twice if you’re being held hostage.’

He’s a very nice man that recently went through a divorce and is currently dating some woman who he doesn’t really mention a lot. We mostly talk about work. He gets called out to different places sometimes. He is by no means the police but he does something similar. He was recently promoted to supervisor. Around the same time I was I think. Either way we both apologized for the others promotion. Being in charge of idiots is a difficult thing. Luckily, I do not work with many idiots. Unfortunately, he does.

I get to here a few stories during the really slow times, apparently some woman thought someone was shooting around her house and he got her to safety before calling the cops.

The cops who had been there multiple times a week.

Turns out the furnace makes a lot of noise. That sounds like a gun.

Go figure.

He’s a very nice guy, a little paranoid. He’s got a call recorder cause he doesn’t trust people. He let me listen to one call where a girl prank called him and pretended that they’d broken up but wanted to get back together. Honestly her acting was flawless but you could tell that she was not confused when he told her she had the wrong number.

Overall one of the better customers. 10//10 would interact with again.


Author: Evanne

Amateur novelist with 3 cats, and no life. Currently dabbling outside my genre with a novel idea I'm fond of.

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