Quirky Humans: Superiority Complex

There’s this one coworker who above all else has a superiority complex. She runs around shouting about how she’s supervisor that night and that she doesn’t like anyone doing anything without her knowing. So no one can get change or hand over stickers for discount to other departments without her knowing. It’s rather irritating when the rest of us are busy yet she demands that we talk to her first. It takes five minutes to ask and have you do it. Compared to the 10 seconds it takes us alone.

Either way, she also likes to supervise when she should be working. She’s had to be told multiple times that she is a working supervisor meaning she has to be on cash with us not wandering into other departments.

She almost yelled at a grocery boy the other day cause dairy – which is not his department – was running low on milk. I had to step in. The 22 year old has better communication skills than a 60 year old. Astounding. It’s like she’s trying to rile everyone up.

She wears to much jewellery, she wears perfume despite being in a no scent environment. And she is the slowest cashier I’ve ever seen. She said she worked at Tims before, I think she lied cause you need to be fast in that place. You don’t have half an hour where you can gab about management when I need to do your work in the office so hand over the change box and get me a pick up so I can get upstairs before we have to close.

I have a lot to say about this woman… only a rare good comment. She’s good at talking so customers don’t mind her much. She’s got a good back-bone and she’s almost got a grandmotherly vibe. Like a farmers wife no nonsense I’m going to kick your ass kind of grandmas vibe.

Update 24/02/17: She was fired on the 13th. Not to be mean but a lot of people celebrated. Including every single other department. Departments do not mix much, I don’t know the names of like anyone. But apparently she managed to piss every single one of them off. So I guess that’s pretty impressive.


Author: Evanne

Amateur novelist with 3 cats, and no life. Currently dabbling outside my genre with a novel idea I'm fond of.

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