Quirky Humans: SmartMouth

Let’s start this off with one of my favourite coworkers. I will try to describe them in a way that really gives their personalities justice.

The smart-mouth. There’s this one coworker who’s been working at this store for at least 4 years. He’s invaluable to them which is why he can get away with having the worst potty mouth I’ve ever heard. He can be both irritating and hilarious. He works in three different departments and will drop everything to come in should someone call in sick.

He always needs to have the last word. He’s a cocky brat in shorter terms. But he’s incredibly sensitive to criticism. If asked he’ll work like a dog, but damn do not get on his bad side. He will get his job done but not without butting heads every step of the way. He’s probably one of my favourite coworkers. He is not for customer service though, he will never ever be able to cover a cashiers shift.

He’s crass, with very dark humor, and a knack for pissing people off. He’s also bilingual, can cook and would have an amazing resume once he finally gets out of this store.

Some days though he’s the sweetest young man. He can be polite and respectful but you have to earn that respect. There’s no short cuts with this guy. One time he was so stressed, and almost to the point of tears when he very politely asked for help. He’s not above asking for help and he naturally is very helpful himself.





Author: Evanne

Amateur novelist with 3 cats, and no life. Currently dabbling outside my genre with a novel idea I'm fond of.

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