A Not So Reasonable Hobby

To all writers who stick to it; I applaud you.

I will never and have never been able to finish writing a novel, but I did learn that I should make time everyday or else it keeps getting backlogged and forgotten. I found out you need to keep a momentum going and you can’t sweat the details until it’s done. I’m maybe half of the way through my book and I know there are plot holes, inaccuracies, and an almost complete rewrite will need to be done.

But I’m half way.

And that is super important. I’ve obviously procrastinated writing, I think I prioritized napping over it once. But I think I can actually finish this book, and it will be the trashiest thing ever to exist but it will be done.

It’s going to need a lot of work but it will be my baby for the next couple of months to probably a year… or two…

Word Count: 19,965

Projected Finish date: Oct.23rd


A Reasonable Hobby

So I’m a recent grad who hasn’t found work. Not really surprising. So to pass the time I’ve picked up a hobby. I decided to pick something that I’ve been doing forcibly for years. Writing. If anyone tells you writing is easy, they are lying. I’ve read a lot in the past, and have also picked that up again. I’m glad I did. Writing becomes a lot easier if you’ve been reading. It’s still hard though.

My writing at this moment is not the best. I’ve got a long way to go. My ideas are also sometimes stronger in mind than they are on paper. This won’t stop me though. I like writing. I like re-reading my own stuff. At least usually.

I’ve gotten part way through a lot of novels before but this one I’m really trying to finish. It may not be the next Harry Potter, but it will definitely be one of my favourites for the next few years until I write a better one.

My family seems supportive as long as I keep looking for full-time work, which I will. I don’t intend to be unemployed long. Once I finish this one. Which I will. I will be transforming one of my old fanfictions into an actual story. This fanfiction is so old I’d be surprised if little me had any skill. It’s going to be a laugh seeing what I wrote, and I  kinda can’t wait. But right now my current project is “Stokers’ Monster”. The title will no doubt change but that’s what I’m calling it for now.

My word count is currently 15 816 words.

Projected finish date for 1st Draft: October 23rd