Blogging as a non-blogger

Blogging as a non-blogger has been the most difficult thing for me, I do not like blogging apparently. I’m not a super fan of social media. I’ve been on facebook a number of years but I don’t make status updates except for this one time my grandma thought I’d joined a cult and I decided to share this my friends including my grandma. (Yes I have my grandma on facebook…) So now I have a wordpress account and I’m not entirely sure what to do. I know I’m supposed to write stuff on here. Tell people things, structure something, sprinkle advice but honestly I’m 22. I don’t have it figured out. So I’ll post some writing things on here. Maybe post links to cool articles. Hopefully learn how to blog along the way.




One thought on “Blogging as a non-blogger”

  1. Hey its your spot on the web and make it what you want. I personally like the blogging better than straight out social media because I can really voice a opinion, interest and the likes. Facebook on the other hand makes things to personal though I have a account for business family and true friends. Make sure you tag your posts so people can find you and have a blast.

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